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Anchorage Team Art

We believe in the mental and physical benefits associated with using art as therapy.

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Spin Art
Anchorage Paints


I am told by my amazing website builder that I should share a little about myself, as well as the direction and intentions of Solstice Artworks. To say I am not one to brag about myself would be a complete understatement. Any role I've enjoyed in life has always been about helping people in one capacity or another. That's what life means to me. So, without further ado... a little about myself. I am almost a cheechako. I have lived in Alaska since Christmas Eve 1978, the night all kids' dreams come true when they are promised a polar bear, and there it sits under the tree. My husband and I have a big family that we are very happy to share the outdoors with. We also have 2 cats and a panda bear—okay, not really, but our Bernese Mountain Dog is close! Our teenagers are involved in sports and enjoy helping with community projects through Anchorage South Rotary. My husband is a veteran with over 25 years of service. I have always enjoyed creating things, starting with my love for jewelry design. I spent many years here in Anchorage in the jewelry industry—22 years of them. I loved the relationships there and found that the same relationships I enjoyed in the jewelry industry translated well into my last career path in finance. I loved almost every minute of it for 11 years until an unexpected shift in life changed my path completely. I was in an automobile collision that, aside from what I would call "physical injury," also left me navigating a mTBI. This, of course, led me back to: "Oh sh@$! Now what?" I started finding myself painting more and pondering the big mystery of my "Next." Along this journey, I am reminded that there have been people who have gifted me things like advice, acceptance, and at one point: an easel. I will happily share her name if she allows me to do so. But let's just say that easel has been a big part of my life these last 8 months. I am grateful beyond measure for it. It has been part of my therapy and has brought me a lot of joy. My long-term desire for Solstice Artworks involves an Art Therapy Certification I am currently enrolled in. My hope, aside from the love of paint and canvas, is to give back and help others. Solstice Artworks is born out of love and hope, kindness and community. My desire is to inspire the artist in everyone. Come pour some paint and put those feelings on canvas

Christine is an absolute dream. Had such a blast creating with her.

Antonio L.

Happy Customer

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